Interview by Builttowin

Lance “The Party” Palmer took a break from filming the Ultimate Fighter, wrestling bears, and kickin’ ass in the MMA ring to spend some time with us and talk about fighting and partying.

BTW: You probably have one of the raddest nicknames in MMA, everyone know you simply as “The Party”. How did that name come about and even more important just how party are you?

Lance: (Urijah) Faber was the creator of the name. He had heard this story about me from my freshman year at Ohio State. We had this thing called Athlete Orientation.. So imagine a room of about 700 athletes including the AD, President, and my own wrestling coach….. well I was running late so when I walked in to break the Ice I yelled “Alright who’s here for the gang bang” needless to say it broke the ice. Ever since then that’s kind of how I’ve approached things. I’m the party when I step in to the cage I like to have fun, I’m the party in the gym and when I go out that’s when I really become “The Party” so it kinda fits perfectly. Read the full article here..

Posted on October 26, 2015 .